Thursday, May 26, 2011

Portland Folks - Blind Cafe is Back!

This week, The Blind Cafe comes back to Portland, and I highly recommend the experience! Read about my first experience from December to see what to expect. I think I especially love this idea since it introduces people to a new perspective. It challenges you to find comfort in an unfamiliar place using different senses than usual- all while enjoying vegan and gluten free food.

I really appreciate the fact that the entire menu is vegan (since otherwise I would not be able to participate) and that some proceeds benefit the Portland blind community. To find out more and to purchase tickets, check out their website.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Portland's 2011 Vegan Iron Chef

Last year’s Vegan Iron Chef in Portland was quite the event! Three amazing vegan chefs competed for the 1st annual competition, which was sold out and enjoyed by many. Prizes were given away to audience members, excitement was in the air in anticipation as to what the contestants would prepare, and the vegan community was celebrated. The organizers of Vegan Iron Chef out did themselves by putting together such an exceptional event. And that was just the first year!

July 10th will be the 2nd annual Vegan Iron Chef, and the tickets are selling fast! Make sure to get yours before they are all gone, since I guarantee they will sell out. This year’s contestants include Piper from Kitchen Dances, Jeff with Homegrown Smoker and Morgan with Dovetail Bakery.

The new website for Vegan Iron Chef was also just announced, and it is beautiful! Check out my Vegan Joys recipe featured on the website, since I am sure you will love them if you didn’t see them originally posted on my blog. There are also instructions for making your own vanilla; something I’ve been meaning to try for quite awhile.