Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fork Over Knives - A Documentary To Check Out

Forks Over Knives is premiering in Portland at Regal Fox Tower from January 7 -13. Please check it out and bring family and friends! Although the film was not perfect, overall I highly recommend checking it out.

I was actually not sure I was going to like it when the film first began. As a fat vegan who gets frustrated with the spreading of fat hate, scare statistics used by the “obesity epidemic” and the dehumanizing images about fat people, I am on high alert for further fat negative talk. The very first fact presented in the film was about Americans carrying around extra weight. There were images of faceless fat bodies and a lot of concentration about weight. This type of focus is detrimental to people and society. Luckily after that beginning segment, things got better.

For a documentary dealing with the health crisis in America, I am impressed that it mainly stayed on focus discussing heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, the over use of medication and our overall well being as a nation. The film was really about nutrition as medicine since the influx of our biggest killers is correlated with the increase of meat, dairy and sugar consumption.

The government often commits to taking on a specific health crisis. For Nixon, it was the war on cancer. These days it is the obesity epidemic. Never in all these wars do we actually look at the cause of the disease (often diet and lifestyle). Research and medicine is encouraged rather than healthy living. Studies support that only 2% of cancers are genetically predisposed, meaning the rest of the cancers can be prevented, if we make the commitment to do so. Unfortunately the food, lifestyles and chemicals which cause cancer are supported by big money industries (meat, dairy, corn, pharmaceutical, Monsanto, etc.).

Dr. T. Collin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn used their years of research, clinical experience and observations to separately come to the realization that a plant based diet will increase human health and be beneficial, and that the standard American diet leads to disease. Research has further shown that a plant based diet will not only keep you healthy, but it can actually RESERVE health conditions, especially of the heart.

Have you ever heard of endothelial cells? These cells keep your arteries healthy by promoting blood flow, properly dilation of the blood vessels and inhibit plaque build up. Eating a meat-based diet actually destroys these cells, which contributes to the high percentages of heart-related diseases. If someone with clogged arteries switches to a plant-based diet, these cells actually start to heal. I had no idea about this, and appreciate being introduced to this knowledge by the movie.

Some people say that a vegan diet is extreme. The documentary makes a great point that what is really extreme is open-heart surgery, which is now commonplace. What else is extreme is the lack of nutrition in our diets, the amounts of medications we take and the lack of acknowledging what is really contributing to our unhealthy state.

I truly appreciate all the information the film provided and the undeniable facts concerning our food choices in America. The mixture of science and case studies of individuals saving their life by simply changing their food choices are astounding. I truly hope people take the good health message and take back their health. Check out this film when it gets to your area since there is so much more to learn! To find out more about this film visit


juniperbug said...

I definitely have to see this film. Thanks for the recommendation and the great review.

Medical Tourism Philippines said...

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Velma G. Baze said...

Seems a bit doubtful but quite interesting stuff to read! Thanks for the article, it really gives much food for thought! Liked it from the top to the bottom of the page.