Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The ducklings are here!

This is one of my favorite seasons! Baby duck season! And geese! I use to work where there was a pond in the back so every chance I could, I would go back there. In May the babies started to show up. There were times there would be multiple "batches" of babies, both geese and ducks. I now recognize a few grown ducks as survivors of the brutal baby time. Fish, crows and even frogs would "get" them. But not the geese, their parents worked together to make sure no one messed with their babies. Plus they have the advantage of being bigger.

Now I can visit the pond once in awhile. I know certain ducks who are bad mothers and know ducks who pair up with each other and have been waiting to see babies from years ago have their own families. But you can also go to your local pond to check out the baby season. Please don't feed the ducks bread, it is bad for them. But whole grain corn or popcorn works great! Ducklings and geeslings are everywhere these days, so enjoy this time of the year you can watch and enjoy their presence.


PonyBoy Press said...

I Lovee that first pic! Love the action of it. The little duckling looks determined.

bean said...

Goodness those duckies are cute.

I had no idea that feeding ducks bread was bad for them. Sheesh, all those poor ducks I've given bread to over the years. (What makes it so bad, by the way?)

Deanna said...

ducks are so cute