Saturday, September 20, 2008

Farm Animal Freedom

Today I went to Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary and fell in love. I fell in love with the sheep that stayed close together and ventured near you in hopes for a treat. I fell in love with the 1,000 pound pigs and giving one of them a tummy rub. I fell in love with the multitude of goat personalities looking at me through curious eyes. I fell in love with the massiveness of the cows and the challenge to rub their head without their horns hitting you. I fell in love with the freedom of the chickens to run around the farm watching guard. I fell in love with the air I breathed and the feeling of comfort after working hours on projects to help the facility. Most of all, I fell in love with a tiny donkey full of affection named Oyte.

Let me tell you about Oyte. He distracted me from my job of helping others move irrigation pipes. Once I started to pet his head and look into his eyes, I was hooked. He gave me kisses through the fence and I felt guilty not doing more to help, but how could I step away from such adorableness?

Some other donkeys came by and I looked up to say hello. Oyte poked me in the belly and I could tell he was not happy. He was the jealous type. So I ignored the other animals and told Oyte I was here for him and to relax. He settled down after awhile but I couldn't stay there for ever. Every time I walked away he would make weird noises so I would go back up to him and he would stop. If a person ever did this to me I would think they were really annoying, but for this donkey, it was quite cute. Throughout the day I visited Oyte and many other people fell in love with him as well.

These animals are why I am vegan. Although some of these animals such as donkeys are not used for milk, eggs or meat, they are all farm animals harmed from a culture of animal consumption. These are individuals with unique personalities, not pieces of meat or machinery to produce dairy or eggs. These animals have their own life to live, not sacrificing theirs so someone can eat something not healthy for them anyway.

After I left the farm, my carload of people drove past a truck full of chickens going to slaughter. Not great after a day at a rescue farm. I wish I could have reached out my arm to grab one of these chickens and shown them the freedom this farm could provide. We have the opportunity to make changes in our lives and others so this suffering can stop a little more every year. So if you are not vegetarian, go vegetarian. If you are vegetarian, make the transition to eat vegan. If you are vegan, donate to farms like this.

These pictures tell a tale of hope and possibility. Please share this message with others so we can keep making a difference in animals' lives.

Pigs love to get tummy rubs. With a pig this size, you just have to watch your feet!

These pigmy goats were so cute! Unfortunately they did not want anyone touching them. Goats are really affectionate with one another though, which was adorable to witness!


Cassidy Lee said...

Super cute! Sounds like a very moving day, thanks for sharing your story.

elizabet said...

Yay Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary!
You got some great photos...