Friday, December 12, 2008

A quick plug for the holidays.

In case you are wondering last second what to get friends and family for the holidays, let me point you in the direction of my friends' etsy pages. PonyBoy Press offers a unique selection of cards, buttons, notebooks and so much more. RadBean has an amazing assortment of jewelry sure to please. Remember this holiday season to support smaller businesses as much as possible. During these hard economic times, the dollars you spend really makes a difference to individual people.

If you love the fun of making and decorating sugar cookies this holiday season, don't forget my recipe. You can use all sorts of cookie cutters and simple frosting for decorations. Try using some raspberry juice to color your frosting for a natural and pretty pink.

I just read how you can adopt ocean animals, including sharks, from Oceana and you get a cookie cutter with the donation! This would make a great gift idea and is only one of many adopt-an-animal organizations which help animals all over the world. I am wanting to adopt an orca from The Whale Museum and eventually will.

I got to visit with the J pod a few years ago while floating on a kayak and it was truly spectacular! From the photos I took, you can even identify the orcas who graced me with their presence. Granny swam past me and after I identified her I realized she is over 80 years old! Slick breached fairly close to my kayak and I was lucky enough to get a photo. This was off San Juan Island and I want to go back so bad. Hopefully I'll make it there for a visit next year.
This month I hope to do a lot of playing with cookie recipes, so stay tuned for some great recipes!

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nzlndr00 said...

can't wait to do this with you sometime soon. maybe this summer??? looks incredible!