Friday, June 13, 2008

Vegan Baking 101 - Egg Substitutes

Yesterday I did a "Baking and Cooking without Eggs" workshop as part of Try Vegan Week in Portland. I was so happy to see 34 people at the event and they had lots of great questions too! Someone said they had heard that you should not use metal bowls when mixing batter, and asked me my opinion about this. I had never heard this statement before. Since then I have looked online. I found some sites that said that the metal bowl or spoon may react with acidic ingredients in the recipe. This can possibly produce baked goods that have a metallic taste.

Another person asked about vegan Angel Food Cake and I was surprised to realize that no one had come up with a recipe yet (that I’ve heard of). Since I ended the workshop saying that I believe anything can be made vegan, I now plan to rise to the challenge to make a vegan angel food cake. I never really ate Angel Food Cake so I didn't realize how reliant on eggs it was (12 egg whites in a recipe), but that won't stop me.

Here is a nice little spring photo for you from the Rhododendrum Gardens. I was surprised to see her nest so exposed and she was really annoyed that I was taking advantage of it. These eggs should be ducklings now. I need to visit the Rhododendron Gardens soon to see them.

Egg Replacers for Baking

Here are the four main egg replacers I use in my home baking. If a recipe calls for more than 3 eggs, that recipe may be too dependant on eggs to have successful results using a replacement.

Flax - Flaxseed meal works great and it’s a healthy and versatile option. All you have to do is combine 1 Tb Flaxseed Meal and 3 Tb Water per egg and let stand two minutes. This works well with cakes, cookies, pancakes and so much more.

Tofu - My favorite egg replacer for cakes! This makes a very moist and soft cake. You will want to use silken tofu, which is very different than the traditional tofu you would use for something like a stir-fry. Simply blend the silken tofu in a food processor or blender. Use ¼ cup blended tofu per egg.

Applesauce/Banana - These two egg replacers work the same. I recommend them for muffins and quick breads. Applesauce does not contribute much to taste and makes baked goods very moist. Bananas are great to use when you want to add banana flavor to what you are baking. Use ¼ cup of applesauce or mashed banana per egg.

Cornstarch - I often use this for cookie recipes that only call for 1 egg. In these instances the egg in the recipe is usually used as a binder. The cornstarch mixture works well as a binder and it is an easy and cheap alternative. Simply mix together 1 Tb Cornstarch + 3 Tb Water for 1 egg.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Happy Baking!

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Unknown said...

yay! i have been looking for egg options for a while now. i have been doing some vegan baking for work parties (so everyone gets the yummies!) and applesauce was all i had in my arsenal. thanks chels!! :)